Classic procedure


You want have something special and we really know why. Everyone needs something new, because stereotype is not nice, so we can offer you great Erotic massage Prague , which is unforgettable. If you need relax your body and clean your mind, it is the best place for you, because our girls are so canny. Don´t be afraid that you cheat your wife or girlfriend, because there is no sex, only relaxation procedures with erotic elements.

Special occasion for everyone

Classic erotic massagecan offer you special feelings, because there will be really experienced girl, who really good know how to take care about you. Masseuse will be half-body naked and you can use all your fantasy to relax your mind and body. Be sure that you will feel great excitement and your problems and worries will be away. Don´t wait long time and read about procedures then you can choose the best. Also start is nice, because everything starts with shower or aromatic bath. We have special rooms, where is bath, so don´t be afraid that you must move into different room.

Classic procedure
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